Tatiana Stropp Carneiro is an artist graduated from the School of Music and Fine Arts of Paraná, in Southern Brazil.
Since 2003, she has been creating paintings with oil paint on aluminum plates by using a seemingly simple procedure: color stripes made from a single stroke of the brush. The color palette results from the different stripes overlapping and/or juxtaposing both horizontally and vertically.
From this painting process, and the rigueur of repeatedly producing the colored stripes with a single brushstroke, Tatiana has developed a painting technique that highlights several color shades as well as the opacities and transparencies resulting from the color accumulation that takes place on the aluminum surface. The thin and transparent paint layers cause the colors to mix on top of the aluminum surface, creating situations of opacity and ambient light reflection.
Lines that overlap in colored areas lead us to small horizons. The suggestion of landscape has been the subject of the research since 2012. Soft folds question the bi-dimensionality of the painting, and reveal the malleability, thickness and volumes that project the color dust on the wall.
It is a simple work that begins and ends with each brushstroke, but which, as the color stripes overlap and crisscross, reveals a new universe of hues, opacities, light reflections - the simple becomes complex. Reflectiveness and reflection best express the work of artist Tatiana Stropp Carneiro.