Exhibition Translucent, Rafaela Tasca_ June 2016_ short version_

From top to bottom, a single brush stroke. Followed by another and others on the aluminium. Thus emerge the paintings of Tatiana Stropp in a picturesque duet between the translucency of the supporting background and the chromatic layers that coat it. From a variable palette ensue strips of transparency, opacity and fluidity; overlapping or interlaced in a seemingly repetitive and formal grammar. The tonal passages and successive layers have become the distinguishing mark of her work.
Stropp maintains this gesture of verticality throughout her intense atelier performance, while she constantly alters the northern and southern axes of her work. The ultimate meaning is provided in the signed verso amidst an aperture of possible apertures from the monograms inscribed in the other three corners.
Recently her painting gained a fold; a sort of rigid volante that interrupts her gesture in a linear rupture of the widely understood language of her other works. A fold that spatialises the painting, exudes diffuse colour from its basis, and engenders new sensorial relations.

“From this initial control, there is a pulse of colour that is reluctant to get stuck in the structure. The colour creates the geometry. It also loses its rigidity by the appearance of being hand-made. The painting to be created includes fine lines and sinuous patterns. Fatty bumps appear occasionally with the accumulation of oil paint. Acting as a stained glass window, the metal-colour lines shine brightly, as the incidence of light.”
“Tatiana talks about honesty when it comes to painting. The thing for her is that it has to appear as what it actually is. In the apparent simplicity of their choice, without tricks. Intense work and discipline, a plastic vocabulary has been released. It comes loaded with eager developments, waiting to occur.”